Previous work

Acquisition Igdise
Starting from 2020, Stan Derksen will host and maintain the websites that were created by Igdise Webdesign and Education. The goal is to provide care for these websites after the retirement of Igdise.
Stan Derksen
After a long process of over-analyzing, rethinking and planning, the design and website for Stan Derksen is finally done, just in time for the launch of the company. The website features a sleek design, stunning animations and serves to be a quick impression of what Stan Derksen has to offer.
N.S.L.T.C. Slow
As part of being a board member of student tennis association N.S.L.T.C. Slow, the website received some long-needed fixes and adjustments. Not nearly done, but a whole lot better than before, the website is now fully operational. Along with the website, a corporate identity was realised to boost the image of the association.
Ellen Fashion
A full web shop for Ellen Fashion's creative store that is all about sewing, knitting, clothing repairs and much more. With a fully customizable product catalogue many supplies can be sold in the future!