With almost ten years experience with creating and deploying web blogs, content management systems, web shops and more, Stan Derksen knows how to create impressive websites. It is critical that custom products are delivered, to make sure you will always be satisfied and you will get exactly what you need for your personal goals.


Along with websites, Stan Derksen also develops software for custom situations and purposes. He built many projects used for personal convenience, such as automation and mobile apps, and can do so for yours too. If you need someone to create that specific piece of software, Stan Derksen is always open to your ideas.


The functionality of a website is just as powerful as its looks. First impressions count, so the design of your website, app, or brand must speak words. Even before Stan Derksen started coding websites, he was already thinking up and designing beautiful websites. With a passion for pixel perfect elegance, not a single detail will be rushed when it comes to aesthetics.


After designing or developing a website, Stan Derksen also offers to take care of hosting and maintaining your website. Your website will be maintained and the hosting will be provided for so you can focus on what really matters in your business or project without having to worry about your website.